Visiting the pyramids

Visiting the pyramids in Egypt is not the only attraction!

What characterizes this African country? Why are more and more people deciding to go there? Statistics in general clearly show that Egypt is very popular with Europeans. There are also Poles in this group. What is worth knowing about this country? It is located in Africa. The weather conditions are excellent all year long, so can freely decide to visit the pyramids or other activities; in this country. There is plenty of sun and the temperatures are relatively high.

Even when in our country the weather is gloomy during the fall and winter period. It is worth adding that Egypt is a country with a very rich history. What can you see there? Certainly, one of the most important activities is visiting the pyramids. Where can you meet such structures? For example in Giza. No wonder then that this tourist destination is so crowded.

Besides, in Giza there is also (not far away) a statue of the Great Sphinx. Egypt, however, is not only about visiting the pyramids. You can also count on a number of other attractions. What kind of attractions? This includes Cairo. There are many interesting locations in the capital of this country. For example, you can visit the famous Egyptian Museum. Maybe not everyone is aware of it, but there are hundreds of thousands of exhibits that come … from ancient times.

In Cairo, we also recommend visiting places such as the Cairo Tower, Alabaster Mosque, etc. What else is popular with tourists? It is worth mentioning that these are the Oasis of Siwa, Alexandria, the Valley of the Kings. You need to know that Egypt borders on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Thanks to this, tourists do not complain about the lack of places to rest after a day of sightseeing. The beaches are clean and there is a beautiful view all around. This confirms that Egypt is not only about visiting the pyramids… www